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About Foster Supply, Inc.

Foster Supply has been in business since 1982, servicing the construction and mining industries. A broad range of quality products, fair prices, and rapid delivery are the hallmarks of our business. We are constantly introducing new product lines to better serve our customers. Foster Supply is a pround manufacturer of Redi-Rock and Redi-Scapes wall solutions.

The Redi-Scapes Story

In 1999, the retaining wall industry was dominated by small, dry cast systems. Two brothers, Ben and Jim Manthei, were managing a heavy construction company in Northern Michigan when they saw the need for a retaining wall system that could build gravity walls taller than anything on the market and also be installed quickly.

Two years of research and development resulted in the first prototype for a massive, wet cast retaining wall system that captured the Essence of Natural Rock look. Each block weighed one ton and interlocked with blocks above and below. The system was installed using a two to three person crew and a piece of heavy machinery.

In 2000, the brothers launched Redi-Rock International, which has since grown to be the leading large block retaining wall system in North America. More than 130 manufacturers cover strategic markets in North America, Europe, the UK and Middle East.

Redi-Rock walls provide erosion control solutions for municipalities, homeowners, military bases and more. However, as Redi-Rock approached its 10 Year Anniversary, the need for a smaller block wall system that could be set by hand became apparent. The full-time Research and Development department at Redi-Rock set to work, and in 2009 Redi-Scapes launched to select American precasters. In 2010, the Redi-Scapes system will launch internationally.


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Contact Info

To contact Redi-Scapes headquarters, call (866) 222-8400 or email Contact a Retaining Wall Professional

Does your landscape need a new look?

Whether you are searching for a solution for your backyard retaining wall or a complete landscape makeover, Redi-Scapes is a wall solution worth considering.

Choosing the right hardscape wall for your project can be daunting. You want the up-scale look of natural rock wall, but you also want a structural wall that can be engineered and installed quickly. That’s why we’ve developed Redi-Scapes—to give you the best of both worlds.

What truly sets Redi-Scapes apart is the way Redi-Scapes combines the texture and colors of natural stone with the structural benefits of architectural precast concrete. Each Redi-Scapes block is cast in a mold taken from actual quarried stone. The result is structural walls that will stand the test of time and also have a natural stone look you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

Featured Product

Natural Look, Engineered Function: Redi-Scapes walls capture the look of a stacked stone wall, but can be engineered to create a wall that will stand the test of time.